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Does Levofloxacin Treat Stds

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Tracking and Mapping Software

We offer Dispatch and Tracking software using ICOM VHF/UHF radios and GPS Receivers. Applications in the Oil and Gas Industry, Mining Industry, Forest Industry, Transportation Industry, Parks and Recreation,Towing Industry, Building Supply, Pest Control, Law Enforcement and Security, Military, Search and Rescue, Off Road Racing, Fire and Rescue, Hot Air Ballooning, Government Public Works, Airport Operations, Construction Industry, Working Dog Tracking, and Geo Exploration to name a few.

All the different versions of the tracking software basically have the same features, only the radios are different.

Spectrum AVL Technology is the Canadian Distributor for OziExplorer GPS Mapping.


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OziTracker AVL

OziTracker AVL software is fully compatible with ICOM's new IDAS digital land mobile radio system.

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OziTracker AVL

OziTracker AVL for ICOM DPMR

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